Doing a roaring trade

I’ve developed a new addiction, which is good because I didn’t have enough before. To be fair, I actually discovered this one some time ago but was cut off by Shaun. I’ve cunningly reintroduced it into our lives by getting him addicted as well.

I’m talking about TradeMe. It’s our version of eBay. 

I was banned a couple of years back when I got stuck on buying stuff. I had a couple of mishaps. There was the outdoor heater that never worked. And there were the three lawnmowers. That’s when it all went to the dogs.

Now the tables have turned and I’m selling stuff. Any old stuff. It’s brilliant. We are packing up the house for the move and rather than throwing things out, I just sell them! We are getting some new furniture. No need to hire a trailer to get rid of the old stuff. Someone else will come and take it – and pay me for it! Too good to be true!

I’m not the best auctioneer. I posted a chest of drawers up in the weekend. I didn’t know what kind of wood it was made out of and I forgot to say how big it was. Someone bought it anyway. I hope they don’t show up in a small car.

It is conceivable that I am taking it too far and another ban could be on the horizon. I sold some of Shaun’s clothes that I don’t like.  A stroke of genius. Mum writes “Gardening Only” in permanant marker on dad’s clothes. Cunning, but she doesn’t make any money.

(Before you get all up in arms, boy police, I did actually ask him first.)

Actually, I might check it out now. I noticed a couple of really good lawnmowers for sale.


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