Living in slow motion

We spent the weekend down country with the in-laws. It’s beautiful down there, but boy do they do things differently. I swear, once you cross the ranges that seperate the country from the city, time slows down. We flew to Wellington and hired a car to drive to the Wairarapa. There are a few sleepy towns to pass through in order to get to Masterton. And sleepy is being euphemistic. They were ghost towns. And it was Friday night!

Saturday dawned one of those cloudless days from my childhood. The only difference was the temperature. I had to stack on every jacket that I owned. City jackets just aren’t designed for the country. Come to think of it, neither are city girls. We were there for a family portrait to celebrate Shaun’s parents 40th wedding anniversary. It went as well as you would expect a logistical exercise involving 8 adults, 5 children, 2 horses and a dog to go.

Then we hit the wine and things got interesting. My sister in law had a few things to get off her chest. Apparently, according to my mother in law, I lay down the law you don’t cross me. I have Shaun where I want him. She also takes issue to the shoes that I wear to work. When I’m carrying her grandchild I’m going to have to get off those 4 inch stillettos. Well, no shit lady!

It was quite weird hearing that stuff. I didn’t realise she felt that way. She called me an idiot when she found out what I paid for my Karen Walker bag, yet she can’t believe that I won’t be sending my kids to private schools. Country snobbery has insane rules that I just can’t keep up with!

I’ve always been grateful for the good relationship that I have with my in laws. Now I’m feeling confused. There’s a lot to be said for that old adage that what you don’t know can’t hurt you.

I wish I didn’t know.


3 thoughts on “Living in slow motion

  1. Don’t sweat it. My in-laws have questioned/criticized every decision that my wife and I have ever made. The fact that since day one those decisions have turned out for the good has not stopped them doing so. Part of it is envy and part of it is my mother in law just doesn’t like me.

    You can’t worry about things like that. You are married to Shaun not them. It is an immutable fact of life not everyone is going to like you. Concern yourself with the people that do. There’s nothing you can do about the people who don’t so it’s a waste of time worrying about them.

    As an aside you want to know the best way to get back at relatives that give you a hard time ? Be demonstrably happy and successful. Shits them no end. 😉

  2. Theres nothing foolish about that. Hell no one likes being hated. Okay well maybe a few people.;) The trick is just to not let it bother you.

    Some good therapy is to go out and by yourself some 6″ stilleto’s and watch the mum-in-law grind her teeth.:)

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