I impressed myself last night. It was really something to behold. I did the work of one million men in the space of just three hours. One million. Honest.

My evening started well. I got my hair cut. It was long overdue. I had the most brilliant colourist. She deserves some kudos. She didn’t talk. I LOVE that in a colourist. I can’t be bothered with small talk at the best of times, let alone when it’s with a girl that I have absolutely nothing in common with. She gave the best head massage and she made a killer coffee. Perfect.

I got home at 7:30pm. Shaun is out of town on a conference so it was just me and the cats. I’m staying out with the girls tonight and then we’re heading down country tomorrow so I had stuff to do. I had two web pages to create, an invoice to get out, a print ready file to finalise, chocolates to take to the neighbours to thank them for returning Chico, instructions to write for the house sitter, dinner to organise for the cats, two loads of washing to do, dinner to make, packing to get done and the final of CSI to watch.

All in three hours.

It became a case of working like a tornado during the ads. I’d sit down and the cats would finally settle on me just in time for me to leap up again. The packing was the hardest bit. I won’t be going home again until lunchtime tomorrow so I had to organise three lots of workout gear, clothes for two workdays and stuff to sleep in tonight. There is no doubt that I will have left out at least one crucial item of underwear.

I am truly a machine.


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