Where for art thou…


He hasn’t been home since early yesterday afternoon. That has never happened before. We went out to get some lunch and he was sitting on the driveway. When we got home Julio was there alone. That’s not that unusual. But when it came to their dinner time and he still wasn’t there, I started to get a bit concerned. Chico is the biggest pig of a cat that I’ve ever known. He always wolfs down his own meal and then stares at Julio while he eats his, in the hope that he’ll get pissed off and leave.

In the middle of the night Julio started howling. We hoped it was because Chico had arrived. No. It was just general misbehaviour. This morning he still wasn’t home. I searched the road and the neighbour’s driveways. Now we’re just hoping that he’s gotten himself locked in someone’s garage and will show up later.

That’s not the only thing that went wrong this weekend.

I found out an interesting thing about myself on Saturday. I have as much oestrogen in my body as a boy. Some may not find that surprising. Some may have actually suspected it for quite some time. Now there is scientific proof. The only person that probably sees it in a positive light is my kickboxing coach.

My first fertility cycle failed. It never really even got off the ground. My Day 12 scan and blood test showed very little action so they told me to come back on Day 15. That was Saturday. It went badly from the start. After just about disemboweling me with the scanner, the doctor announced that he couldn’t find my left ovary. I assured him that I hadn’t lost it since Wednesday’s scan.

I left and went to my best friend’s birthday lunch. It was the hardest non-drinking experience to date, but I stuck to it, only to get a call on the way home to say that the cycle had failed. No oestrogen, no baby.

So I’m taking a break until we get back from Tahiti. Then they double the drugs and we try again. There’s no way I’m sitting by that pool for a week without cocktails!

But right now that seems a long way off. Right now, all I want is Chico.


2 thoughts on “Where for art thou…

  1. thanks for helping we mith the sitepoint contest, hope your cat comes back. I had to give my cat away because the lease on my house wouldn’t allow it 😦
    He was so fat and orange that when he would lay down on all fours, his limbs would form these four round bumps and he would look like a sports car…with a head…and whiskers…and a tail, but other than that definately a sports car

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