Pure as the driven snow

This weekend sure was an eye opener. It was the first weekend in as long as I can remember that I didn’t have a drink. I honestly think it may be the first weekend since I started drinking! It sounds scary when I put it like that. I’ve never really thought about it. There have obviously been many quiet weekends, but even they tend to involve a glass of wine after work on Friday, or a beer in front of the game on Saturday.

It made for a productive weekend. I was at kickboxing at 8am on Saturday and at the grocery store at 7:30am on Sunday. Now THAT was an experience. No one else was there! All the new produce was out and there were no queues. It’s going to be my new weekend routine. To be fair, I’m often up at that time of the day on the weekend, and not always because I haven’t been to bed. I’m certainly not usually that sharp though.

Saturday night was hard. We went to a party. I drank 7 lime and sodas. I just couldn’t handle not having something in my hand. It was nuts. I was also bored. And jealous. It was great for Shaun, he had a driver. I had to bite my tongue in order to remain patient with him though. It wasn’t his fault that he was allowed to drink.

I got a lot of work done and we packed a significant part of the house up. That was also a strange feeling. The bookshelves are empty and the spare room is full of boxes. Life as we know it in that house is over.

There are big changes afoot.


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