Boxing commando

Yesterday was interesting. Each night I pack my bag ready with gym gear and work clothes for the next day.  I pretty much do it without thinking. On Wednesday night I clearly did it without thinking at all. Yesterday lunch time I went to get changed for boxing and discovered that I’d packed no workout bra or underwear. Dilemma.

Obviously, not working out was not an option, leaving only two other possibilities. I could go commando and bra-less, or I could wear my work underwear and then have to continue to wear it for the rest of the day once it was soaked through with sweat. Mmmmm.

I tried option one.  It became quickly apparent that that was not going to be appropriate. My top was one of those Nike Fit ones. They are skin tight, semi-see-through camo and completely unforgiving. It is the middle of winter – it was 8 degrees at the time. I looked like some kind of commando porn-star wannabe. I would have been taking my life into my own hands if I had’ve worn that into a boxing gym full of men.

So the work bra it was. That was fine whilst working out. Afterwards I had my shower and went to put it back on. First I had to wring it out. Seriously. I put it on and it was stone cold and wet. Nice. Then things got worse.

Obviously, as the afternoon wore on, the bra was going to dry out. Dried out sweat is never the most pleasant of things. So you can imagine my dismay when I discovered that I had run out of deodorant. Excellent.

I did a scout around and came up with a couple of other options. I could either smear myself in liniment or douse myself in toilet spray.

If it happens again I’ll choose the liniment.


4 thoughts on “Boxing commando

  1. You could always do the opposite and go commando at work instead. You work in an IT department so the guys in there will be too terrified to say anything.

    And since this isn’t the first time you’ve done this it might be worth your while leaving an emergency set of smalls in the boot of your car. Although that might lead to some suspicious questions if Shaun finds them 😛

  2. Unfortunately I was wearing the wrong kind of top to carry that off at work as well.
    And aside from the IT guys that I work with, there are around 350 other people, a considerable number of whom are salesmen – and they are NOT afraid to comment.

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