As good as a holiday

It’s a pretty transitional time for me at the moment. There are things changing all over the show. All good, but change always takes a bit of getting used to. I’m not someone that’s afraid of it, in fact as a general rule I welcome it, but it’s just human nature to hold on to what you know.

Moving time is approaching fast. In just over a month we’ll be in the new house. Well, more like a month and a half, but two weeks of that we’ll be overseas. So last night we started packing. Just the bookshelf, but it kind of signified the beginning of the end (at our current place). The reason that we’ve only started with the bookshelf is that Shaun wanted to do the packing. I have a ridiculously complicated packing system, meaning that the bookshelf was the only thing he was courageous enough to try. Ok, the only thing I’d let him touch.

We will actually be on holiday when the house settles and then we’re renting it for a few days off the new owner, so we have to be all packed before we go away. We’ll be camping in our own place. Weird.

Another change on the horizon is a new gym. My trainer has left Ringside. I’m going to continue to box there but I’m following him to the new place for kickboxing. Wow. I kinda like the fact that I know that place inside out. I’m part of the furniture there, albeit a very loud, clumsy piece of furniture. People are just used to me. It means that when I spinning backfist myself right out of the ring it doesn’t matter. Or when I get my foot caught in the ropes and fall into the middle of a class people hardly even notice any more. A whole new group of people means I have to go through it all again! But part of me is excited about it.

The last change has already taken place. Yesterday I got a new work PC. Boy, it’s true what they say about a change being as good as a holiday. I couldn’t wait to get to work this morning! This thing rocks! I’ve got my old one on a switch while I get this baby up to speed, but so far so good. I no longer have to spend the first 45 minutes of my day waiting for all my apps to load up.

Holy hell. I sure am going to be productive now!


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