Well, it’s finally happened…

…I’m getting tired of the parties.

Do you think perhaps I’m growing up? It’s sort of sneaked up on me. Last Saturday night was a big one. It was Fight Night and I rolled in around 9am on Sunday, when Shaun came and collected me (he had sensibly headed home around midnight). I spent all of Sunday on the couch and on Monday I was feeling too lazy to go to boxing. I think I’m getting too old for this game.

I have mixed feelings about it. On the one hand, I’m relieved. I have always harboured a (not so secret) fear of how much my life will have to change when I have children and how difficult I will find it. On the other hand, I feel this sad kind of nostalgia for the past that I’ll be letting go of.

People around me are reacting a bit strangely to it as well. A couple of weekends ago I had an extreme sport event at 6:30 on Saturday morning, so I announced on Friday night that I would only be having a couple of drinks. All hell broke loose. The people that I was out with divided into two teams. The one that looked like the world had just ended and the one that looked like I’d just told the biggest lie that they had ever heard. There were even complaints! What kind of monster have I created?

I am going to be starting fertility treatment in the near future. That will mean no caffeine and very limited alcohol for a couple of weeks each cycle (and no more cigarettes or mind altering substances). In that regard I guess I’m pleased that I’m headed in that direction at least to some degree already.

My friends all started slowing down quite some time ago. Admittedly that is because they all got broken to some degree, but I guess they’ve been waiting for me to catch up. Well I have. I’m here.

I’m not sure how I feel about it but I’m willing to give being a grown-up a shot.


2 thoughts on “Well, it’s finally happened…

  1. Your actually looking at it the wrong way. You are not losing anything, you are moving on. Life is a series of stages and you’ve stayed in the “adolescence” stage longer than most is all.

    Whats to come for you is also exciting and rewarding in the extreme. And no it does not mean you stop having fun with your friends.

    Life is all about change. Embrace it. You’ll find theres so much there that you won’t want to waste so much of it either hammered or hung over.

  2. I knew it wouldn’t take you long, Mike Wisher. 😉

    I see it from that perspective as well. I am just mourning a part of my life that I have enjoyed very, very much but that I know I will never have again.

    Let me have my moment.

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