Innappropriate petting

I am a good mother. Although there are times (two or three a day) when I feel like shaking my (fur) baby, any brain damage that Chico has was there at birth. We have a spray bottle that we squirt him with when he is naughty. It worked really well with Julio and Les when they were kittens. It works for the most part with Chico. At least it was.

He seems to be becoming immune to the effects. He spends so much of the time wet that it’s hardly surprising. Shaun is rather heavy handed with the bottle. A glance at the wiring deserves a spray. Jumping onto the bookshelf earns several sprays. Getting onto the bench and sniffing stuff means an absolute dousing followed by a towelling off.

So as a result he seems to have become a bit of a water baby. Whenever someone is in the shower he sits on the toilet seat and watches. (I like to think it’s a water fetish. The idea of your pet perving at you is a bit much to handle.) The second you hop out he hops in and laps up all the water in the bottom of the bath. Today it went a step further.

You can imagine my surprise when I rinsed the soap out of my eyes this morning and turned around to find Chico in the shower with me. Surely showering with your pet breaks one of the commandments.


4 thoughts on “Innappropriate petting

  1. We have one cat we had to ban from the bathroom when the kids are taking baths. Soon after we rescued Simba from the pound, he was pacing up and down the edge of the bath tub while the kids were taking a bath, and every once and a while he would feel dirty and jump in with the kids. Weirdest thing you ever saw to see a soaking wet cat flying out of the bathtub. He still hangs out in the shower with me, but mainly just like to stand under me while I towel off and get dripped on.

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