I am struggling a bit lately with the seemingly different standards that people have with regard to communication. I think perhaps I expect more than the average person is prepared to give. I probably don’t need to tell you that, considering I don’t know you but you know everything that I do and think on a daily basis. Don’t worry though – I don’t expect reciprocation. But that’s beside the point…

Anyhow… I am finding this issue to be particularly prevalent among clients. That may be because I choose not to spend personal time with people that haven’t grasped the simple concept. Several times over the last month or so I have had emails or calls from clients asking for urgent work done. I never say no. It’s what boys like about me. But again, that’s beside the point.

So I do the work. I bust my butt working through my lunch hour or late into the night to meet my deadline. I send it through requesting feedback and then don’t hear back for several days. Huh? Seems a little strange considering your world was going to fall apart if I didn’t get it to you yesterday.

I’ve started adding lines to the end of messages saying things like “Please acknowledge receipt of this file” so that I don’t sit there stressing about whether or not it actually arrived. But still… no one does it. It tends to be men *feigns surprise* although I do know of one female that could do with a bull whipping.

I talked to a couple of friends about it the other day and they suggested that I create this issue for myself by stressing about it. I guess to a degree that is true, but what ever happened to common courtesy?

So that’ll do for now.

Would you mind commenting to confirm that you have read this post please?


4 thoughts on “Mis(ter)communication

  1. Sarah, I’ve been a software developer now for over twenty years and in almost every single project in that time I have had to put up with the same problem. Users coming rushing up to me with a request that was vitally urgent and must be addressed that day. And after working like a dog to finish it the user then takes several days to actually bother to use it.

    I’ve found the best way to deal with requests like this is to quickly find some information that you need from them for the task and tell them that you need it before you can start. If the task really is urgent then they will get it to you straight away. If not they take their sweet time getting to you and you know it is really not that urgent.

    Personally I’ve found that both men and women are just as bad as each other it just looks like a male thing as till recently there were a lot more men in the management positions that us developers had to deal with.

  2. Read & Confirmed… 😉

    I hear ya on this one – at work right now my biggest gripe is that people are always there speaking up when there’s a problem or something’s not quite working right. Those same voices are always silent when something works perfectly or when you hit that impossible deadline for something. Still, that’s just the way things go I guess – I enjoy my work because it challenges me rather than for the complients I (don’t) recieve.

    I am, however, one of the most disorganised people on the planet – sometimes I takes me weeks to remember to return a phone call or reply to an email. My friends understand that, most of them try to get hold of me in person (much preferable to phones and email) or just bug me until I get it done, I just hope that people I work with realise that I’m not being rude, I just get distracted easily…!

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