I have been noticing something more and more lately. Shaun and I think in completely different ways when it comes to the practicalities of setting up house. There are times when that is a good thing. He thinks of things that would never cross my mind. Like security and beer fridges. They are both vitally important, so I am grateful.

Things that are not quite so vitally important are the cupboard that he wants to build to put the beer fridge in (huh?) or the wooden shed that he wants to build outside in the place of the perfectly functional existing shed. I accept that in the future that will be useful, but it really doesn’t seem like good use of money at this stage.

We went shopping in the weekend for furniture. The new house has two more living areas than our current house, so we need two new sets of furniture. We have a strict budget. It doesn’t stretch to the new desk or bar stools that have apparently become a necessity.

Last night I found a plan of our house that he had sketched out. I asked him what it was for and he wouldn’t tell me. Then I busted him checking out ducted heating systems online. What the hell? We haven’t moved into the place yet. How does he know that it’s cold?

I have two priorities. One is lounge furniture and the other iss privacy curtains. The master bedroom and office are both at the front of the house, so at the moment, if you come out of the en suite you can be seen from the street. I don’t have an issue with walking around the house naked, but I know that Shaun does. When we first started living together we had an apartment in the city. There was a new building being constructed a couple of blocks over and they were using a crane. Shaun would make me close the blinds in the bathroom before he went in there because he was convinced that the crane driver was watching him in the shower.

Yeah. If I was a crane driver and could see into half the apartments in the city, I’m not sure I’d pick Shaun’s bathroom.

Anyway, we’re compromising. He is going to go and get his heating quote and we’ll go from there. But it sure is proving to be an interesting learning experience. It’s lucky I’m such a patient person (no laughing necessary).


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