I’m feeling a bit wiped out at the moment. I’m not sure why. I went to kickboxing last night and spent the entire hour bitching and moaning because I wasn’t up to speed. It didn’t go down very well with my trainer, which is understandable.

This morning, boxing seemed harder than usual, which is shocking considering Friday morning is an easy class. There is nothing specific that I can put my finger on, I just feel like I’m running at half strength.

Someone I care about is causing me grief as well. He’s questioning my committment to our friendship. That is not doing much to assist with my general lack of energy. But I guess he’s not to know that.

Because I spend countless hours telling other people not to whinge about things that they can do something about, I’m going to be proactive about pulling myself out of this hole. At Youthline (and many other feel-the-love organisations, no doubt) it’s known as self-care.

This weekend is a long weekend and I am going to spend it surrounding myself with people that make me feel good. My sister is up in Auckland for a few days so I’ll spend this evening with her. Tomorrow Shaun and I are going back to see the new house to get it measured up for new blinds. He doesn’t want our new neighbours to to be subjected to my weekend sessions of naked cleaning like the current ones are. On Saturday night I’m going partying with my best friend in the world. That never fails to cheer me up.

Sunday and Monday will be spent recovering.

I’ll get back to you on Tuesday when I’ll regale you with stories of my idiocy.


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