Nothing to see here.

Very, very occasionally I sit down to write in my blog and I just can’t think of anything to say. It’s not that nothing has happened, it’s just that I can’t think of an entertaining spin to put on it. I didn’t embarass myself at the gym this morning. I didn’t forget to bring underwear to work. I don’t have any exceptionally strong feelings that are busting to get out.

It’s funny really. People often tell me that there is no way they could blog every day because interesting things just don’t happen to them. So? You think interesting things happen to me? Occasionally, but only as a result of my own stupidity! As a general rule I just manage to spin normal, everyday things into a mass of smoke and mirrors.

On days like this, I sometimes write about the things that I love about a specific person in my life. For some reason I don’t feel motivated to do that today, so it’d feel kind of contrived. I feel like I’ve done more than enough raving about my exercise regime and my health of late.

I could talk about how I recovered some old chairs last night. I’m sure that’d have you on the edge of your seats (I’d say excuse the pun, but I think that might be asking a bit much). Or I could quickly go and back my car into something in order to rave about how bad a driver I am, but I suspect that would be more likely to result in a post about how my husband has confiscated my car from me, so I’ll give it a miss.

Nothing amazing is going on with the weather and it’s just an average day at work. I haven’t done a Youthline shift for a couple of weeks. I got some new boxing gloves on Monday but I haven’t used them yet. I’m not working on any particularly exciting projects and I don’t have any really annoying clients at the moment.

It’s just life as usual. As it turns out, I’ve managed to rave on about absolutely nothing for 6 paragraphs.

And I’ve just wasted 10 minutes of your life.


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