The cat that nobody wants

Before we got Julio and Les, Shaun ‘hated’ cats. Well that’s what he said. He grew up hating them because his dad does (supposedly). They are a dog family. So when we bought our first house and I ordered two cats, he took a bit of convincing. We saw a photo of them before they arrived. According to Shaun, Julio looked more dog like, so he was ‘Shaun’s cat’ and Les was mine. That worked well for me, because when they arrived, it became apparent that Julio was lacking a bit on the intelligence front. Well that’s what I’d tell Shaun anyway.

Shaun loved both cats the second they arrived (as did I). I even busted his dad letting them sleep in the bed once when they were staying with us.

It became an interesting social experiment for us. I would tease Shaun about ‘his’ cat and he would berate me for loving one more than the other. He said that he was worried I might do that with our children. I told him that of course I would, if one child was stupid. 😉

So the lighthearted teasing went on for years. ‘My’ cat was smaller and cuter and smarter. ‘Shaun’s’ cat spends a LOT of time on the couch and has the tendency to love people to death – which can be exhausting due to the fact that he is almost 8kg of solid muscle. I know it sounds hard to believe, but there were times when my teasing would become tiring for Shaun. I learned my lesson the hard way though, when my cat was killed.

Well so you’d think.

I got around it by claiming Shaun’s cat. I started a whole new round of teasing. I invited my new best mate Julio out onto the lawn to play a game. Shaun and his cat Chico weren’t invited.

Then last night Shaun asked me why he had to have the cat that no one wanted. We looked at Chico and he looked back at us and it just about broke my heart.

I’m not going to tease any more.


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