Mr Personality

I had a weekend of celebrations and injuries. Saturday morning was the last session of Bootcamp. It was pretty hard work. We spent a couple of hours crawling on our stomachs through swamps and swimming down freezing rivers. Due to a couple of episodes of insubordination, I had to carry a 40 gallon drum up a hill on my back. I guess I didn’t put it down carefully enough because not long afterwards it came barrelling down the hill at high speed, straight towards my platoon. In a selfless act of bravery, I took it out with a flying tackle.

OK, it took me out. And split open my elbow.

We had a celebratory bbq afterwards. Our instructor declared me to be the first woman he has ever met with balls. I was quite proud.

Last night were the Lewisham Foundation Hospitality Awards. As mentioned last week, Dave (and Suite) were up for three awards. It’s fair to say that we were more than a little overexcited. As a result I got careless (ok, drunk) and had a couple of wardrobe malfunctions. Whilst standing on the balcony of a top floor hotel suite in the middle of the city I had a Marilyn Monroe moment. I looked just like her actually, only not beautiful, blonde or busty. At least my underwear matched my dress.

The second incident was not quite so classy. Whilst attempting a treacherous road crossing in 4 inch stilettos I took a fall and sprained my ankle. I sure am glad there’s no Bootcamp this morning. (Although to be honest, that’s more because of my hangover than my injuries).

Anyway, back to Dave. Suite took Best Wine List and I am a (slightly broken) sibling of the NZ Hospitality Personality of the Year.

I’m proud of you little brother.


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