Damn you and your procrastination

Shaun is a very giving person. He does a lot for me and I am grateful. But there are times when it really screws things up for me. Those are the times when he procrastinates. If it only affected him, that’d be fine. It wouldn’t be my business. But unfortunately it doesn’t.

He used to have this habit of deliberately ignoring traffic tickets until he got a warning letter. He said he was doing it to make the council do more printing (he is a printing specialist at a photocopier company). It always seemed to go horribly wrong and we’d end up with fines and court costs. I put a stop to that habit.

Then he’d announce that we were going on holiday somewhere and that he was going to organise it. A week before we would be due to leave he’d decide that he’d better book the tickets, which were by that stage about 5 times as expensive. I put a stop to that habit as well.

The most recent incident is a bit more difficult and the fallout is significantly larger. I was lent a scanner some time ago by a girl that was a friend at the time. As the result of a series of unfortunate incidences, I no longer want to have anything to do with her. The end of our friendship was painful and drawn out. I had to be the fall guy for my group of friends, none of whom wanted anything to do with her. Somehow that kind of thing always ends up with me.

I decided to box up her stuff and send it back so that she had no excuse to try and contact me. Shaun kindly volunteered to drop it off during the day so that she would be at work. I had to bite the bullet and email her for an address. It instigated another series of painful emails and heartache. She wanted to talk things through. I still want nothing to do with her but I don’t have it in me to just be plain hurtful about it.

That was over 2 months ago.

The day before yesterday Shaun called me to say that he was around at her house but the place was empty so I’d have to contact her again for a new address. No f*cking shit! It’s been over 2 months.

I tell you what, he’s lucky our place wasn’t empty when he got home.


6 thoughts on “Damn you and your procrastination

  1. Hmm Shaun manages to forgive your foibles. Of which you have one or two… Shouldn’t you return the favour ? 😉 😛

  2. “Hmm Shaun manages to forgive your foibles.”

    Actually, I think Shaun plans on forgiving her foibles at the end of next month sometime.

  3. Of course I’ll forgive him, but like everyone else, I have to let off some steam in order to get it out of my system. Unlike everyone else, I do it online.

    So there.

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