Nice work bro.

After an incredibly hard year of endless work and heartbreak, the tables seem to be turning for my brother. And so they should. No matter how hard things got, Dave didn’t give up. And they got hard. After investing his heart and soul (not to mention cash) into Suite, it just seemed destined to fail, despite the hard work of loyal staff and the fantastic location. They had licensing issues, noise issues, neighbour issues, council issues, equipment issues… you name it, they had it.

But that is all in the past.

He has just bought into his second bar and has had a blinder. Crow Bar is a stalwart of the Auckland bar scene and is a bit of a jewel in Dave’s crown. It means he has to work twice as hard, but that’s what happens with a new business. I know all about it.

Finally, he is starting to reap the rewards. The Lewisham Awards are the NZ hospitality awards and are incredibly prestigious amongst the hospo crowd. Suite has been nominated for Outstanding Bar and Best Wine List, and Dave is up for Hospitality Personality of the Year. We’re going to head along to the ceremony in a couple of weeks to cheer for him.

The day after the awards, some booze supplier is whipping him off over to Europe for the London Bar Show and then a couple of weeks of travelling around to see some of the most exciting stuff that bar people can see. (I am clearly not a bar person).

Anyway, I guess I’ve raved enough. What I’m trying to say is that I’m so proud of you Dave. You’re a star.


4 thoughts on “Nice work bro.

  1. Hehe yeah Mike, that thought did cross my mind too when I read that. In fact I’m amazed the poor lass has been having problems with infections. Doesn’t alcohol kill germs ? 😉 😛

  2. That’s such great news! I don’t even know him and I’m proud that he’s done such a great job. It was hard to hear him having such a time with all the problems.

    Give him a thumbs up from me. 🙂

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