What happened to the weekend?

The weekend was great and not-great. Two things of note occurred. The first relates to my bad behaviour on Friday night. We went out to dinner with my best friend and his girlfriend. Paul and I have serious issues with good behaviour when we are together, so as expected, we got home from dinner at 4:30am. Usually that wouldn’t matter. In this particular case, I had Bootcamp at 6:50am.

I set my alarm for 6:12am. The cats started a game that involved running loops around the bedroom and across the bed. After ignoring them for quite some time I finally lost it and turned on the light. My clock said 6:42am. I couldn’t believe it. I had a 2 minute panic about how I’d missed Bootcamp and then decided to try and get there anyway. I got there at 7:01am. No one noticed.

I then spent the next two hours in hell.

Unfortunately Saturday didn’t get any better. The rest of the day was spent back in hospital. I have now contracted a second-secondary-infection from the surgery. I had the operation a month ago now. This is just ridiculous.

The doctors swabbed and poked and questioned me forever and then gave me more antibiotics and a warning that if anything changed I would be admitted back into hospital because infections like this kill people. Great – way to make me feel better guys.

As it turns out, things don’t seem to have gotten much worse since then, so I suspect I’ll be around for a bit longer. Hopefully I’ll have some more positive stuff to talk about tomorrow.

No one likes a moaner. (Well, not under these circumstances.)


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