It’s more than just a job

I am feeling generally bored and restless in my job. I don’t know if it’s because I don’t like the project that I’m currently working on, or because it’s just time for a change. My plan has always been to stay here until I get pregnant, in order to get maternity leave.

I was talking to a wise friend the other day who pointed out the fact that if a person is having trouble conceiving, then it would be sensible to remove all of the factors in their life that cause stress or concern. I suppose that working 8 hours a day in a job that is no longer particularly fulfilling could be considered one of those things.

It’s not that anything has changed at work. I’m just bored. I still love the people that I work with, and programming is definitely still a challenge, I just feel like I want something new. Someone asked me the other day what my current dream job would be. I didn’t even have to think for a second. I want to work in the gym. Ideally the boxing gym.

It would mean a significant pay cut and I would lose some of my benefits (superannuation and health insurance). The fact that I will be leaving work in the nearish future anyway means that those things aren’t particularly concerning. The biggest issue is the maternity leave thing. You have to be in a job for a year before you qualify for the government subsidy. I think it is possible that I would be covered by my company, so I suppose I should look into that.

It is so easy to be complacent about this kind of thing. I guess I should think about the advice I would give to someone else if they told me they were feeling like I am.

I’d tell them that we spend too much of our life working to not be happy in our job.


6 thoughts on “It’s more than just a job

  1. It’s always important to be happy in your work so finding something that does make you happy is never a bad move. One warning though. I’ve had friends who have left intellectually stimulating jobs for more physical ones for very similar reasons to you. Even though they had absolutely loved doing their new jobs as hobbies they all quickly became bored as they no longer found themselves mentally stretched. In all three cases they ended up moving back into their old fields. On the plus side though they each had regained their enthusiasm for their old field.

    I’m not saying that you would definitely have this problem but I thought I’d point it out for you to consider as you use your brain for a living just like they did.

  2. Sometimes when I work 60+ hour weeks it’s easy to lose enthusiasm. When I do that I simply take a day off for a mini-vacation of sorts and I often find myself wanting to go back to work again.

    It does stink knowing that you aren’t being fulfilled by your work though, I’ve quit jobs in the past for this reason. Fortunately it is people like you who will remain successful because you don’t like complacency!

  3. I can see you as something like a personal trainer. Maybe you could become an instructor of one of those aerobic boxing workout thingies.

  4. I think that you should follow your passion. However you do have to take into account the fact that you want to start a family. There has to be a time planned for the transition into your new field. Do you want to work for someone else? Can you brand yourself as a trainer or boxing coach? What is your unique selling proposition? Are you just another trainer?

    If you allow yourself the year to really figure it out I think you will be better of financially and you can really think about creating the field that you want yourself. You have to remember that life provides you the ability to make choices and to NEGOTIATE. You can create your own terms. Write it all down. Create a plan and work backwards from that dream result you have in mind. Be clear on the details first. Think about the feelings of success and take action.

    Do it while working at your J.O.B for now. Step 1 Step 2 Step FREE!

    Good Luck

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