Mama said knock you out

So it’s a week of boxing for me. I got back to the gym last Friday morning. It was like coming home after a long holiday. Boy have I missed that place. The workout wasn’t even as hard as I had thought it would be. I guess getting that cold meant that my body had enough time to properly recover from surgery.

My trainer got back yesterday from the Romanian K-1. Unfortunately he didn’t do as well as hoped. In the third round of the semi-final he was KO’d with a kick to the face. You’re still a hero, Doug Viney.

I’ll be getting back to kickboxing this Thursday. That is going to be the real test – not just of abdominal strength but of how much fitness I have lost. I’m sure it’ll be frustrating but I can’t wait.

The other thing that’s come up is Fight Night II. I have pretty much gotten over my residual feelings of bitterness at ‘not being allowed’ to fight, but I suspect those will come up again with full force once I’m watching all the fighters and feeling the excitement.

No other bastard better have my entry music.


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