Back on an even keel

I’m on top of the world.

I feel like I’ve just emerged from a really dark hole back into the sunlight. I’ve been hit repeatedly with the life-sucks-stick over the last month, starting with Les being killed. Today I feel like that has come to an end.

I went to boxing this morning and boy did that rock! It was like coming home. Admittedly I was at about half strength, but it felt so good to be back there.

Other things are looking up as well. Apparently the real estate agents have already gotten over half a dozen email queries about our house, and although the first open home isn’t until tomorrow, they are showing someone through today. It looks like interest is really high, which is a good omen. I feel like we need a break at the moment.

The other good thing that has happened is that after only 3 days of hissing, Julio seems to have adopted Chico as a friend.

Check this out (last oh-look-at-how-cute-my-cats-are photo, I promise)…

Chico and Julio


4 thoughts on “Back on an even keel

  1. The one in the front reminds me so much of my old cat.. got that mean ‘i’m the boss’ look about him. And the bewildered innocent look of the kitten just makes me smile from cheek to cheek.
    Very good picture… I love it.

  2. So I guess Julio didn’t ferociously rip open Chico’s throat yesterday to reclaim his territory while you were gone. Awesome. I told you not to worry about that.

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