Life on the couch.

I have nothing exciting to say today. Absolutely nothing. I am spending what feels like the millionth day in a row holding the couch down. I am starting to feel more than mildly frustrated about being laid up for so long. It is three weeks today since I have boxed. I never thought I’d hear myself say that (or see myself write it)!

I was planning on going back to the gym tomorrow morning but this cold has really knocked the steam out of me. I am hoping that by being sensible and taking today off work as well (I always seem to go back one day early) I will actually get better this time. Today is that strange recovery day where you cough a lot and get breathless crossing the room.

What I am finding hugely entertaining is watching what the kitten gets up to while we’re out. He’s been up the curtains, ridden on Julio’s back, eaten a couple of dead flies, gotten stuck under a cabinet and had a swim in his water bowl. No wonder he spends the evenings asleep. I’m surprised he doesn’t spend them dead!

Anyway, I’m not feeling inspired to write today, and nothing interesting has happened, other than the fact that I have just watched the entire first season of Heroes.

I promise to be entertaining tomorrow.


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