Be fabulous

Yesterday turned out to be pretty funny. I had a lunch date with a girlfriend. We knew we were going to the launch of something, but we didn’t know what. We showed up in the requisite female lunching uniform of black dresses and hot shoes. It’s just as well.

The launch turned out to be for the new Moet & Chandon “Be Fabulous” campaign. Lunch was a 3 course seated meal for me, Ange and 18 famous people. We have no idea how the hell we managed to get invited. It was hilarious. The champagne flowed and the papparazzi snapped. I think I smiled for more photos than I did at my own wedding. Thank god for that black dress. I cringed when I thought about some of the clothes I’ve been wearing lately (in order to avoid putting pressure on my leaking stomach holes). So we were fabulous for a couple of hours and then walked out with crystal encrusted bottles of champage and several new, famous friends. It was one of the most ridiculously funny experiences (which is really saying something, considering the number of ridiculously funny experiences I seem to have).

As a result of my less than  sensible recuperative behaviour I have now caught a cold. With all the antibiotics I’m currently taking, at least I can be assured that it won’t turn into a chest infection. (When the world goes to the dogs you have to find the good in it where you can). I have also developed an allergy to the adhesive on the medical tape that has been covering my weeping sores, so I am now sporting big red itchy welts.

Still, could be worse. At least there’s not Boot Camp today.


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