Tricky dealings

Ages ago I talked about this friend that flipped out on me and turned plain nasty. Nothing has changed there unfortunately – he is no longer part of my life (“he’s dead to me”). In fact, last weekend I deleted his number from my phone. But this isn’t about him. It’s about the girl over which all this trouble started. And about me.

When the shit hit the fan, so to speak, the nasty boy bailed out and left the girl out in the cold. Apparently. That’s the story she fed us, anyway. I kinda took her in and looked after her. I felt bad for her. She is younger and naive, or so it seemed – I guess in retrospect it was me that was niave. I took her out with me, introduced her to my friends, involved her in my ilfe. She clung on hard and fast. She infiltrated our lives.

She had a tragic story. A million terrible things had happened to her. Her life had been hard and she was one of those amazing, pull yourself up out of the mire and make something of yourself kind of people. She said. I was sucked in.

As the months passed, something started to feel bad. She was spotted with people that she told us she needed to be protected from. Her stories of tragedy started to seem shaky. My faith in her was fading.

As if she could sense this, she started doing things to hold on. She lent me a printer. She would store our stuff in her car while we were out, and then take off with it so that we would have to catch up with her again during the week to get it. She would borrow money and tell us she’d come around next weekend and give it to us.

We got sick of being lied too. We felt betrayed. We decided that we didn’t really need her in our lives. So we didn’t call her. We talked about what we would say if she called us. I thought we owed it to her to be honest, but I am sick and tired of always having to be the one that has to ‘deal’ with this kind of situation. I wanted the support of the others. After all, it was as much their problem as mine.

She texted us all once (a big group text) and we didn’t reply. Then she just disappeared. We figured that to be pretty strange. Who goes from being the world’s neediest person to just falling off the face of the earth? People saw her in passing, it wasn’t like she was in any kind of trouble. It kinda reeked of guilt to me. But I was pleased to be rid of her.

Then last week it occurred to me that I still have her printer. Shit. I don’t know where she is living now so I emailed her politely, thanking her for the loan and asking her where she wants it sent. She emailed back asking if she had done something to piss me off. WTF? We haven’t spoken for 6 months.

I explained that it was nothing specific, I just didn’t feel like she was always honest with me and as a result I felt betrayed. She didn’t reply. I was relieved again.

Then yesterday I got an email begging innocence and asking what it was that she was dishonest about.

Can’t some people just leave well enough alone?


11 thoughts on “Tricky dealings

  1. I do not! I usually don’t take sides at all when I relationship goes bung – I stay friends with both parties. In this case, he walked out of my life. His call.

  2. “For sure… in this case I was completely sucked in. No denying that.
    But I’m saying I don’t always take the chick’s side no matter what…”

    In my experience you’re 2 for 2. 😉 Of course the other one wasn’t a “relationship” relationship, but still, your chick preference was obvious.


    booby-having-person: “I’m so sweet and lovable. Everybody loves me and the way I am so cheerful, upbeat and always complimentary. People are special, I’m special, you’re special, everyone and everything is so uber special. 🙂 *sings “la di da di da”*

    Later that day…

    non-booby-having-person: “Hawk, are you home?” *opens door and walks in*
    “I’m sorry about the rug, but I have a F’ING CHAINSAW IN MY HEAD! THAT F’ED UP CHICK DID IT! SHE BURIED A CHAINSAW HALFWAY THROUGH MY F’ING HEAD WHILE RECITING THE LYRICS TO SPONGE BOB SQUARE PANTS! What do you think this means? Could she possibly be an evil bitch who is deceiving everyone who thinks that she is their friend?”

    Hawk: “If you’d read the operator’s manual you’d know that the safety guard is not properly mounted, Idiot.” *hands rug cleaner and towel to idiot*

  3. In my experience you’re 2 for 2. Of course the other one wasn’t a “relationship” relationship, but still, your chick preference was obvious.

    I see where we are getting confused… They are both the same chick. Those two posts are about the same person.

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