Growing up fast

Wow. Today is an exciting day – there are lots of things happening. I’m still on the couch, but I’m doing significantly more moving around. I just took the last of the hardcore painkillers, so I’m clearly approaching the end of the hard bit of recovery. I’m thinking I might move off the couch tonight and sleep in the bed.

So… exciting things. The America’s Cup starts today. As a New Zealander, that’s an exciting thing. We are a tiny nation without the sponsorship money that lots of other countries have, but we are strong contenders (although last year we had a shocker) so we get pretty excited when the cup is on.

Yesterday Dave bought his second bar! After some initial growing pains, Suite has really taken off and has a name for itself in Auckland as one of the best new bars in the city. That success has enabled him to buy into Crow Bar, an already established inner city club. Crow has been around for years and it’s a pretty exciting addition to his portfolio.

And the final exciting thing pertains to my blog. Yesterday I made it onto’s list of top 100 Growing Blogs. I come in at number 88. Considering the number of blogs that are hosted by WordPress, I’m feeling quite proud of the feat.

It’s such a good day so far that I might even attempt something really daring like a walk around the yard!


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