Money, money, money

There is a reason why Shaun is the financial guy and I’m the social guy. Money stuff is WAY too confusing. It gets even more confusing when you start talking about money that you don’t have. Things started getting messy for us when we wrote out a cheque for the deposit on our new house. It was for close to $100k. We don’t have anywhere near that amount of money in our account. I don’t think I’d get that much if I sold my soul! So it might seem that writing the cheque was a little risque. Significantly more riding on it than on those cheques that I used to write out when I was a student, knowing they would bounce, but really really needing beer.

We’re not quite as gung ho as it may seem. We had spoken with our mortgage broker first and he said it’d be cool, he had spoken with the bank and they were just waiting on the valuation before they cleared the funds. Unfortunately the brokerage division forgot to mention that to the personal banking division, so when I checked our account on Good Friday (forever to be known from now on as bad, bad Friday) we had rather a large overdraft. Shit. Not really what you need on the first day of a 4 day bank holiday.

Anyway, the finance guy ran around yesterday sorting things out. He also went to the accountant guy to talk about setting up an LAQC to sell our current house to in order to rent it out. Turns out that because we’ve been living in it we can’t treat it in the same way as if we had bought it purely to rent out. So that idea has gone out the window. We’re going to sell it and be a one house family. I like that idea better anyway. I don’t want the added responsibility of another house. I don’t like the responsibility of owning a car half the time!

So anyway, I have that on my mind. I also have Les on my mind. But that’s to be expected. I had a bit of an epiphany last night and decided that all in all, I’m a pretty fortunate girl. If a dead pet (who was really a furry child) and a beautiful house are all that I have to worry about then life is pretty good.

There is the small issue of my surgery tomorrow. But I’ll worry about that in the morning. On that note, I won’t be around for a day or two.

When I’m back, I’ll be all sorted out.


2 thoughts on “Money, money, money

  1. Some week you’re having!

    Good luck tomorrow – you’ll be fine.

    If something were to go wrong you could sue the hospital and use the money to pay off the mortgage AND keep the old house!

    I’m a financial genius 🙂

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