For the last 6 months our weekends have consisted of dragging ourselves through open home after open home, in the quest for the perfect house. OK, that’s a blatant lie. Shaun’s weekends have consisted of that. I did it for one. Then we both agreed that I made the whole experience way more painful than it needed to be, so he would do the filtering and I would go to only the worthwhile ones. He managed to narrow it down to about one a fortnight. I vetoed a couple and we bid at auctions for the others.

After losing 4 auctions I started to become pretty philosophical about the whole thing. Becoming emotionally attached to a house only to have it snatched away for hundreds of thousands of dollars more than you are willing to spend becomes exhausting after a while.

But then we found my dream house.

In preparation for having a family (see, there is part of me that really is growing up, you doubters!!) I want a full section and two living areas. I need the ability to shut away mess so I can pretend it doesn’t exist. I also need to be able to see my kids playing in the yard while I’m cooking. I’m quite the house wife in my fantasies. I also want something that has the potential to be able to grow with our family. I don’t want to have to move again. I want a family home like we had. My parents still live in the place that I grew up in.

So we found a house just like that. It even has a white picket fence. And last night we won it at auction. It was such a nerve-wracking, drawn out auction that when it was finally over we got a round of applause! I could hardly walk for the shaking.

It has a long settlement date because the current owners are going overseas. We don’t move in until August. Perfect. We don’t have to go through the panic that is usually associated with trying to organise these things fast. We have also decided to keep our current house and rent it out. We’re going to be landlords. I don’t know how I feel about that…

Anyway, here it is.






7 thoughts on “Landlords

  1. GREEEEEEEEEEAAAAATTTTTTTT House! Congratulations! Just finnished reading “The Hawk. What the…” Nice. Nice eyes too!

    take it easy,


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