Boot Camp

I’m sure you’ll all be pleased to hear that I have found a new exercise obsession. Boot Camp. Before you all groan, I actually have extrememely sound reasons for wanting to do it. While the  focus of the program is definitely fitness, the main focus is developing the ability to work as part of a team. I’m not good at that.

I have been thinking a bit lately about my competitive nature and my inability to work well with others. On the outside it may not be apparent, but as soon as it comes down to the wire, I take off on my own tangent and leave the others behind. In many ways I am not a particularly altruistic person. Especially when it comes to exercise.

I get incredibly frustrated by people that can’t keep up. Not if it’s because of some physical shortcoming, but definitely if it has anything to do with state of mind. So Boot Camp should be good for me. It’s all about working together and being only as strong as your weakest member.

One of my best girlfriends suggested that we sign up together. At first I was sceptical as our fitness levels are at different ends of the spectrum, but when I gave it some more thought I figured that perhaps this is a part of my personality that could do with some work. So I’ve signed up. We start at the end of the month and it’s three mornings a week of hard work.

I’m fairly sure it’s going to be harder on my head than my body. Bring it on.


2 thoughts on “Boot Camp

  1. I think you will definitely find it challenging but I bet you will enjoy it. The idea of boot camp in the military is to completely break you down mentally to build you back up to where you should be; I think you’ll do great though!

  2. I heard boot camp turns you into a bullshitter, Hawk, so I hope you don’t do it. You seem to be one of the last people I know who aren’t completely full of shit. 😦

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