Tears of God.

Winter has come and it’s come with a vengeance.

When I went to bed last night it was stormy. I quite like that at bed time. When I woke up this morning it was even stormier. I bloody well HATE that on work days. It is still 20 degrees, although to be fair, that’s pretty standard for autumn – even winter in Auckland doesn’t really get particularly cold.

New Zealanders that live outside of Auckland think they are particularly funny when they go on about how much it rains up here. It’s sub-tropical for goodness sake! What do you expect? The general nature of Auckand rain is completely manageable. There are frequent showers in the winter time, but that’s just what they are – showers. There are rarely more than one a day (if that) and you can sit one out in 10 minutes or so. In other parts of the country you can rest assured that if it’s raining when you get up, it’ll be raining when you go to bed. I think that may be the case here today, however…

I dislike the first storm of the winter particularly badly. Not only does it cause me to mourn summer but it makes people crazy. The ground is hard so the water sits on top and causes floods. This makes people drive like maniacs. They either turn into aquaplaners or they turn into old women and fail to hit the 20kph mark. Not conducive to a good day for someone as impatient as I am.

So today I have hauled out my start of winter clothes. I am wearing long sleeves. It’s quite a strange feeling. Aside from my week in Canada, I have been wearing short sleeves for the last 5 months. I am also wearing flat shoes. I own one pair of flat work shoes and they come out about twice a year – usually as a result of some kind of ankle injury. Today it is because I have houses to look at during my lunchtime. I don’t want to be sprinting to the car and back in dangerously high shoes. Wow. Sometimes I am just too sensible for my own good.

So to summarise – winter is here and it’s bloody depressing.

On the positive side, my car was way overdue for a clean.


5 thoughts on “Tears of God.

  1. Yep, the winter has definitely arrived in Auckland! And then I have all these friends from The Netherlands telling me how great the weather is back home…. But they miss out on all the other great things over here 🙂

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