Girls and cars

I love speed. No matter what I’m in, I put my foot down. It makes some people nervous. According to Shaun, no one in my family is known for their driving ability. I am definitely the only one that has a speed problem though.

I especially love driving Shaun’s car. It’s a turbo. You put your foot down and you just GO. He has tried to lay down a whole lot of rules. I just ignore them. Until last night I didn’t think that little old me could really do any serious damage to that big old car. But more on that later.

I have always been competitive. If someone is sitting beside me at the lights revving their car, then I just have to take them. Well, try at least. So the other weekend I was coming home from boxing on Saturday morning. There is this stretch of road coming up to the motorway that has three sets of lights at it. I was sitting at the first set when I noticed the car beside me revving it’s engine and riding it’s clutch. I didn’t give it a very careful look. It was some kind of white ute. (Even if I had’ve given it a very careful look that’s still what it would have been.) When the lights changed I peeled away and smoked it. Booyah!

He didn’t like that apparently. The same thing happened at the next lights. Smoked. Then he put his window down. I put mine down. He noticed I was a girl (he couldn’t see through the tints). That seemed to make him particularly mad. The revving and the riding got worse. We were at the last lights before the motorway. It was a 90 degree corner onto the on-ramp. I had the inside lane. I was feeling cocky.

The light changed.

I put my foot down and the turbo kicked in. I couldn’t see the guy. But then suddenly I could hear him. There was screaming of tires and burning of rubber as he passed me going sideways. I thought he was going to plow into the side of me. He slid sideways all the way down the on-ramp and corrected as he hit the motorway. That’s when I noticed that he was driving a brand new SS ute with a World Drifting Championships bumper sticker and the license plate DRFTR. Bastard.

A similar thing took place last night only this time Shaun was in the car. We were heading home from a friend’s place after dinner and I was driving. The guy beside me was clearly trying to provoke me. When the light changed I planted my foot. It became apparent that I was in third gear. That didn’t stop me. I was determined. I managed to pull slightly in front.

It was then that the terrible burning smell infiltrated the car.


4 thoughts on “Girls and cars

  1. Does that silver car happen to be Shaun’s car? Because i did notice that the engine of that car sounded like a reall race car ๐Ÿ˜‰ Not that it made me nervour or anything, it just reminded me of previous posts that you made here about your driving skills ๐Ÿ™‚

    And you do have some funny number plates in NZ. When we where driving uphill with a van during that hike, we where overtaken by a red ferrari with the license plate saying BATMAN ๐Ÿ™‚

    But where did that burning smell come from, was it the tyres? Or was it more serious and was this the last time Shaun gave you the keys of this car?

  2. Does that silver car happen to be Shaunโ€™s car? Because i did notice that the engine of that car sounded like a real race car

    Nope, that silver car happens to be my very own race car.

    But where did that burning smell come from, was it the tyres?

    Um, it was the clutch. Not good…

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