I have pretty much settled back into work mode after the summer holiday. I have a big deadline coming up which means that it’s head down, arse up for the next few weeks. That’s all good… it makes the days go fast.

There are two things that I am struggling with. The first is sitting down in an airconditioned room for 8 hours a day while the sun is shining outside. That has the propensity to make a person bitter. I am grateful for daylight savings however. The fact that it doesn’t get dark until around 9:30pm means that there are still a couple of hours of sunshine with heat in it when I get home in the evenings.

The second thing I am having trouble with is much more serious. It has to do with complete and utter piggishness (that is a word that I have just invented to describe the current state of my behaviour). As a general rule I work out hard during the year and watch what I eat (well, to a degree. I certainly don’t watch what I drink). Come Christmas time, all hell breaks loose. It becomes a case of stop eating when nothing else will physically fit in my body.

It’s all good at the time. It gets tricky about now when I have to try and wean myself off the eating habit and get back to normal. I get to work and sit down. After about 5 minutes I am absolutely starving. It would seem that no matter what I eat, the feeling continues. I have tried filling up with coffee and redbull. I have tried drinking a litre of water. I have tried distracting myself by walking around the building. Nothing works.

To continue to be piggish would be foolish. Unfortunately, for someone with no willpower, doing something about it is easier said than done.


4 thoughts on “Piggishness

  1. Careful Hawk, drinking more than 1.5 litres of a water and you might get hyperhydrated – which is pretty dangerous… I saw on the news today they’ve invented a chewing gum that makes you feel full so you don’t want to eat! Maybe you should invest in a pack or two to solve your hunger pangs!

  2. “and you might get hyperhydrated – which is pretty dangerous”

    Actually, Hawk gets “hyperhydrated” often. It sounds like it’s been a bit dangerous at times but if it weren’t for her frequent “hydration” we wouldn’t have some of her more entertaining posts.

    “I drink AT LEAST 2 litres a day”

    He said water, not wine. And wrestling a live bullet back out of the hands of someone while ripping the head off of a stuffed kitty with your teeth doesn’t count as a real workout.

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