I’m ba-ack.

So summer break is over.

It served, as it does every year, to remind me of just what a paradise I live in. Just take a short 4 hour drive out of the busiest city in the country and this is what you’re rewarded with. 

Coopers Beach

Coopers Beach, Doubless Bay, Northland. Pure New Zealand magic.

Every time I go there I get bombarded with memories. I have collected 3 decades worth now. That can be overwhelming. There are traditions that have been going on since the beginning, and other ones that we are creating for the future as things change.

When I leave I always have this feeling of sadness and nostalgia. I spend the drive home thinking about my past and the things that I can’t have back. I cried for a lot of them on that beach, but not as many as I laughed for. 

As we hit the city I leave behind my year and all the things that I won’t be needing anymore.

It’s 2007. Here’s to more crapping on about nothing.


8 thoughts on “I’m ba-ack.

  1. That pic looks like something out of a travel brochure. You’re quite fortunate to live in such a beautiful place.

    PS. I was just kidding before; I really didn’t miss you at all. Honest.

  2. You surely do live in a paradise. It has been 3 years since my last visit to NZ. And i just got back here 4 days ago, but the things i have seen in the last couple of days make me feel really happy that i’ll be here 1 year 🙂

  3. Yeah, I’m still in Auckland. Not sure for how long though, I’ll probably leave on Wednesday/Thursday. And travel towards the south island, but I’m planning on coming back here after that.

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