I knew today was going to be hard when I woke up in the middle of the night and decided to turn my alarm off. There was definitely not going to be any boxing this morning – which is about a 1 in a billion occurrence for me. I didn’t even want to get up when I heard Shaun finish in the shower. I went to bed at 8pm so I’d already had over 10 hours sleep by that stage.

Shaun made me get up by dragging the sheets off me and not letting me pull them back up. I dragged myself into the shower and got ready. I decided to have two coffees for breakfast because I wasn’t motivated to prepare anything else. The first coffee was great. The second one ended up down the front of my shirt.

Due to lacking the energy it would have required to think up a whole new outfit, I decided to spray Frend on my shirt whilst wearing it, and clean it with a dish cloth. Not the most cunning of ideas. The entire left side was wet but I figured it would dry on my way to work. It did partially. I got a few strange looks when I walked through the building. Now it has dried with a water mark right across the front. I have a meeting today with a software architect that I’ve never met, about a big job that I’m about to start. I’m going to make a great impression.

I got to work to find the email I sent myself during the weekend reminding me of the important things that I have to do today. Unfortunately I didn’t remember to bring in the memory stick that contains all the files required to carry out the important things.

I’ve been at work an hour so far and spent almost all of it staring blankly at my screen. 1 down, 8 to go. I once read somewhere that Monday-itis is an actual phenomena. Today I’m tending to believe it.

I guess I should be grateful though… some people don’t have jobs at all.


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