Be gentle on yourself

One of the things that you learn at Youthline is self care. Unless you are strong emotionally and psychologically you won’t be in a position to help others. It is one of the easiest lessons to forget. I talk it up all the time, but it is something that I am not very good at.

I was talking to a woman in the changing rooms yesterday morning and she said that her 11 year old commented that this year has gone so fast. I remember that as a kid it used to take forever for Christmas to arrive. What the hell has happened? She wondered if it was because we try and cram so much into our lives these days that we don’t stop to watch them go by.

I am more guilty than most of this. Both the rushing and the not taking care. It has become so habitual that I don’t tend to notice. Over the last couple of weeks the  momentum has picked up dangerously. I have just finished meeting with a client in her car outside in the carpark. I work all day and have things on every lunchtime and evening, so it was literally the only way I could fit her in. Things have just gotten ridiculous.

I am getting somewhere with this. I have noticed that I’ve been partying harder than usual of late. I didn’t give it much thought until I realised that every Monday and Tuesday I spend a fair bit of time cringing about the things I did in the weekend. It seems to be getting worse. I have realised that it is probably to do with the fact that things are getting so out of control during my week that I am using the weekends to escape. The result of that kind of excess means you are bound to do some dumb things.

I reminded myself earlier as I was doing some berating, that things are always bigger in your own head than in everyone else’s.

Sometimes you’ve just got to be gentle on yourself.


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