Get in the ring

I had a brilliant weekend. On Saturday we went to White Collar Boxing. The night was brilliantly organised and well run. (White collar boxing involves taking corporates and training them up for 12 weeks as pros, then putting them in the ring). More than ever, I am convinced that I want to fight in the next one though. There were two women fighting on Saturday night and they were great. Unfortunately, one was 103kgs and the other, 75kgs. Due to the lack of women that are interested, it’s kind of an open weight free for all. That might be a problem for me. I’m significantly smaller than the smallest of those two.

At the after party I spoke to one of the guys that fought. He said it was an awesome experience. The slightly annoying thing is that they don’t actually declare a winner. Not sure how I feel about that. (Probably pretty good if I’m the clear loser).

At the start of Saturday night we all swore that we’d go straight home from the fights and have an early night. For health reasons, no one could afford to have a huge night. Well, we stuck to that about as well as ever. I got home at lunchtime yesterday.

Things got worse though. We had a surprise 30th bbq for a family friend yesterday afternoon. Mum and dad were coming to collect us at 3:45. Shaun picked me up at 1pm and I was supposed to come straight home and get in the shower. Mum and dad woke me up when they arrived… asleep on the couch in my dress and makeup from the night before. Whoops.

Anyway, after a couple of false starts (alarm went off an hour late and I have arrived at work without my glasses) Monday has started well. I just got a call from the hospital and my genetic test results for CF have come back negative. Yay.

So aside from a couple of cringing moments from Saturday night (more on those later), all is well in my world.


7 thoughts on “Get in the ring

  1. Good to hear your test came back negative.

    Maybe if you work a bit more on your shoulders, you can use them to impress your opponent if you decide to get into the White collar boxing 🙂

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