Caught in a web

I am finding myself in an interesting situation at work. Actually, that’s a load of shite. There is nothing interesting about it. It’s incredibly frustrating, and like most frustrating situations, it all comes down to communication.

We are in the middle of redesigning our website. Part of my role is Webmaster. I do it just for the title. The pay off is having to deal with people that really know nothing at all about programming and assume that no matter what they ask for, it’ll just take a couple of minutes to deliver. Web is funny like that – it really does have to be a joint marketing/IT thing. I accept that and I actually like working with them (haha – look how I’m calling them “them” already), but they have this amazing knack for looking like they’re listening when they’re not hearing a thing.

Here is the problem in brief. We have a budget. Marketing have a vision. The two do not fit together. Part of my job is to make that clear. One thing I am very good at is making things clear. I do not mince words. Ever.

The outsourced part of the development quote came in yesterday, and it was almost 3 times what they had budgetted for. No surprises there. For me. The manager involved was shocked. He has an ‘assistant’ who has designed a couple of home made sites. They are cute, but they don’t do anything. Unfortunately they both seem to think that this qualifies her as a web developer, so rather than asking me questions before making decisions, they just make them. I like her, so going around there and hooking her isn’t really an option. I am using up all my energy just biting my tongue.

She has gone onto a whole lot of sites she likes and picked bits out and asked for them. They tend to be miniature Ajax apps, although to her they look like pretty-bits-on-the-page. With every new one of these discoveries I point out that there will be a cost involved. I guess they have their ears turned off during these conversations.

The kicker is that when the quote came in they told me that they could cover a third of it, and we would need to find the rest in the IT budget. I was to go back to my manager and drop this into the conversation. Sweet, I might as well ask for a million dollar raise while I’m at it.

Anyway, it’s Friday and I’m ranting. If they question me again, I’ll just remind them that it clearly states on my business card that it’s me that is the master of the web.

That ought to go down well.


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