The not-so-Incredible Hulk

Sometime over the last year something has gotten away on me. It started out as a definite positive, but I think I may have crossed a line. I’m talking about my shoulders.

I didn’t notice it happening until it was too late and now I’m torn. Everyone wants incredible arms. It’s one of the reasons I spend so many hours in the gym. Everyone doesn’t want incredible hulk arms though. Maybe just bodybuilders, super-heros and the odd weirdo. I suspect some may classify me as the latter, but I ignore those people.

So anyway, back to my shoulders. Some time over the last few months they have become huge. In fact, my whole upper body has (with the exception of the only part of the female upper body that anyone seems to care about. I don’t have breasts, I have pecs).

I asked the guys in the gym if they thought it was getting out of control. They said no – it was brilliant. Of course they did – they work in a gym.

When we were at the races on Tuesday, we needed to move a sun umbrella. A (male) friend came with me to get it. He picked up the umbrella and I picked up the base. It weighed about 30kg. I started carrying it (in stilettos on grass, I might add) and a few people noticed. A couple of women berated their husbands for not helping me. The husbands made moves to get up and then realised that my traps were actually blocking out the sun. No assistance required.

So my dilemma is that they obviously are not going to get smaller. It is conceivable that they would stay the same if I was to stop training, but that’s just not going to happen. There actually is no answer. I’m just posting this so you can all comment and tell me that big shoulders look really sexy on women and that more of us should have them.

Thanks, I look forward to your comments.


7 thoughts on “The not-so-Incredible Hulk

  1. Sarah, as long as you stay away from the woman in in the pictures posted by Ross, you really shouldn’t worry about it. And yes some woman do look more sexy with bigger shoulders πŸ™‚

  2. As long as you still have a neck, I wouldn’t get too worried.. yet.. πŸ˜‰

    I saw the pic from the races and you looked hot, I wouldn’t worry!!!!

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