There are two kinds of work days that I love. The ones when I come in to the office and my diary is so full that by the time I realise that I haven’t stopped for one minute, the day is over. The other kind are the ones where I sit down and look in my diary and I don’t have a single thing planned. I realise that they are polar opposites, but they both have their merits.

Things start to break down when I have too many of one type of day in a row. If lots of quiet days pile up I get bored. When every day is busy I get completely lost. That’s what it’s like at the moment. The days are so full of meetings that I am afraid something is going to be forgotten. I don’t seem to have time between meetings to do the work that I promise in the meeting that I’ll do. Occasionally I walk into a meeting, sit down and then remember something that I promised to do. It’s not a good look really.

I am generally a very organised person. I don’t plan back to back meetings. Other people book them into my diary without thinking about the fact that a gap would be helpful. (Mind you, I seem to find time to eat and work out – I guess it’s partly about priorities).

I have come up with what I thought was a brilliant new strategy. I stopped taking a pad and pen to the meetings. That way I figured people couldn’t give me work to do. Something would come up and if it was obvious that it fell into my realm I’d tell them to email it to me. Invariably people don’t.

Unfortunately there is a bit of a hole in the plan. There are sometimes things that I really do need to remember. The craziness has reached the stage that if something springs to mind I have to write it down straight away or it will be gone. So in an attempt to compromise between the no-pad-in-meetings strategy and the need-a-pen-to-remember-things requirement, I hide a pen in my pocket and make notes on my hands between meetings. It is getting slightly out of control – my hands are now so covered that there is only space for very small notes. This means that new notes require abbreviating to such a degree that they no longer make sense. I need a new strategy.

I’ll have to come up with it later though, right now I have a meeting.


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