I love a challenge

It is going to be an interesting weekend. My in-laws are coming to stay. That in itself isn’t a big deal, I like them just fine, although they have never actually stayed at our house before. They may be a bit shocked when they find out about my boxing obsession. Apparently I have weak forearms so I have to start to do exercises to strengthen them in order to increase the power behind my punches. I am wearing a piece of red string around my wrist to remind me to do them. Some people find that a little strange… my mother in law is bound to be one of those people.

But what will make things especially interesting is that on Saturday night we are going to a party and it’s going to be big.

I have spent the last couple of weeks trying to come to some sort of compromise with Shaun over what time I have to come home. He says midnight, I say before the sun comes up (and quietly so that his parents don’t wake up). He is concerned because at our engagement party (which they flew up for) I got a bit out of control and didn’t come home at all. I guess his concern is justified.

I have carefully orchestrated things so that they are going to have dinner over at my parent’s place so that they won’t be there when we get ready for the party. It is a costume party – Bond girls. Free tequila for anyone in a bikini. So I’m going to wear a bikini and ammo belts. There is no way in hell I want Shaun’s parents to see me leave the house like that…

The other thing that’s going on is that we finally have a new car. After months and months of talking about it, Shaun finally came to a decision about what to get. It was starting to do my head in. He would come home each day with a new idea and some carefully made up bullshit in order to sell it to me. In the end I told him that I didn’t want to hear about it again until the new car was in the driveway. Now it is. A Mazda 6 turbo. It had only done 25km when he picked it up. Our first ever brand new car.

When we bought my car, “somehow” only Shaun’s name was on the papers. I whinged, so the new car is in mine. You’d think that I’d be allowed to drive it then. But no. Apparently until I have worked on my driving skills and promise to follow the system, I’m not allowed to. He’s foolish. Doesn’t he realise that all he’s done is create a challenge for me?

A sensible man would be hiding the keys.


2 thoughts on “I love a challenge

  1. And how did the weekend work out? Is the new Mazda still in one piece, or do you have to pick it up at the garage next week 🙂

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