I’ve awoken for spring.

Wow. I feel like I’ve just come out of a coma, or perhaps some sort of hibernation period. It’s only been 4 days, but I have had very little control over my brain during that time. Now I have semi-control. Things are a bit blurry, but I’m back on board.

I’m still at home, floating in a sort of psuedo-ephidrine, antibiotic haze. I have sort of flashes of memories from the past few days. Shaun has been taking care of me as best he can, and I love him for it. One night he cooked dinner and desert. I didn’t have an appetite, but I managed to put away one of the four tacos he made me. (Although the irony didn’t escape me – tacos are his second favourite meal, after chicken mushroom pasta…). Then he went to the kitchen and proceeded to beat something with the electric beater. It burned through my ears and echoed around my head. After about 20 minutes I wondered what on earth he was doing. The only thing that takes that long is pavlova, and I hoped like hell he wasn’t making one of those! I asked him if he wanted help and he told me to go back to sleep. Uh, right, sleep while a noise like a million fire alarms were going off in the next room.

Finally he went back to the fridge to check something out. Then I hear a stream of expletives. You can’t whip Lite Cream. On the average day I would have pointed out that it is written on the front in big red letters, but he thought he was being nice. Cute.

I have slept solidly since Sunday. I have decided that today would be a good day to have a shower! I have had a fever so it’s fair to say that I’m not looking or smelling my best. It would be the perfect time for some Jehovah’s Witnesses to come to the door. I’d take great pleasure in inviting them in and sitting beside them on the couch!

So anyway, I’m back and things can only get better from here. I’ve been averaging less than 500 steps per day (it’s not far from my bed to the toilet) and I think they’ve forgotten my name at the gym.

They probably think I’m at some STD recovery centre…


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