Stepping up.

The company I work for have decided that too many of the staff are lazy. The nature of the business means that the majority of the 500 people who work here have desk jobs. I guess it’s not strictly fair to say they think we are lazy, perhaps it would be more accurate to say that they want to encourage us to get fitter and healthier. And I agree… you only have to look around to notice that there are a fair few out of shape people here.

So they have given us pedometers to clip to our waist bands. They measure the number of steps we take each day. It’s pretty funny. We are in teams of 4 and there is a website where we record the number of steps we have done at the end of each day. The site calculates how many kilometres that equates to and it marks it off on a map of NZ. The aim is to get your team around the country first.

If you do some sort of sport that you can’t wear the pedometer for (either because of the contact nature of it or because it isn’t jarring enough to make it click over) you can record seperate activities and the site calculates the equivalent number of steps. Pump and boxing fall into that category for me.

I was pretty surprised though. For the category that my team is in, we need to do 12,000 – 15,000 steps a day each in order to get around the country in the allotted 10 weeks. Yesterday I went to step class in the morning and did 6,000 steps. By the end of the day I had done just over 13,000. Obviously software developers don’t do a lot of walking on the job. What surprises me is that if I’m only just making it, how the hell are the majority of the people that work here?

Today should be interesting. I do pump and boxing on Wednesdays. Maybe I’m going to have to average my steps out over the week…


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