Oops, I’ve done it again.

At the moment I seem to be living from weekend to weekend. I guess that’s a fairly good sign of being bored at work. Or maybe of not taking it easy enough when the weekend finally does come around.

We were very productive the weekend just been. We finished painting both our room and the spare room. They are blue now. It is so much better than the lemon colour that they were before.

I also managed to pick up a new client. More wedding invitations, which is great, since that’s what I like doing the best. I also have another prospective one in the near future, so things are hotting up.

Then on Saturday night we went to a party. We made a sort of pact with the people that we went there with that it would be a quiet one. We’d go for a couple of hours and then sneak off. Well… things didn’t quite pan out that way. We stayed for many, many hours and only actually left when the party got shut down by the management of the hotel that it was being held at. I was just getting into the swing of things, so we went into town. Fatal move. I got almost 24 hours after going out. I really need to work on some sort of putting-the-brakes-on- the-party mechanism. I don’t seem to have one built in.

So today is proving to be a little slow. Because I have this stupid do-or-die attitude towards exercise, and because I don’t believe you should miss things on account of bad behaviour in the weekend, I got up at 5:30am and went to boxing. Boy oh boy did I suffer. The bruising in my knuckles took a beating as I didn’t have the energy to focus properly on my technique. Now it’s just gone morning tea time and I’m more than ready for bed!

The sun is shining outside and more than anything I’d love to be sleeping on my new lounger on the deck. That, however is not an option, so…

…Redbull here I come.


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