Today is a mixed bag. There is the very good and then there is the very, very bad.

I’ll start with the good. Tonight is my birthday party – the Hawk-stravaganza.
I have been looking forward to it for a while now.


I have lots of people coming, several from down country. I’ve been overseas for my last 3 birthdays so I figured it was time to do something big. As you can see, it was going to be at Suite. This is where the very, very bad starts…

Those of you that have been reading about my life for a long time know that Suite is my brother’s bar, and that he has been working his arse off for almost a year to get it to take off. After almost losing the business a couple of times, things were just starting to do well. He has been nominated for best new bar of the year, best barman of the year, and best bar team of the year in the 2006 NZ Bar Awards (which are next week). They have received rave reviews in a couple of popular newspapers, and the crowds were starting to pour in. That place has become his whole life.

Then the week before last the police went in and shut the place down. Someone (not Dave, but there is no point in naming names) failed to renew their liquor license. They are not allowed to trade until they have a new one, which can take weeks – and is not even guaranteed. The rent still has to be paid, as do the staff, but there is no money coming in. People still show up every night to find the place closed. It is really the worst nightmare of a bar owner.

Worse still, Dave could be prosecuted for trading without a license, which means huge personal fines as well as the loss of his manager’s license. Absolute nightmare.

On a personal level, it means the Hawk-stravaganza has had to move. Not the end of the world, but it just won’t be the same.

When my brother hurts, I hurt.



4 thoughts on “Hawk-stravaganza

  1. Oh sweetie, that’s horrible. I feel so bad for Dave, what a heartache. He has gone through so much already. Hopefully it will get ironed out in the best possible way and things will continue to get better.

    I’m sorry to hear, I cringed when I read it.

    But… Happy Birthday also! haha.. Have a great time at your HAWK-STRAVAGANZA nonetheless. 😛

  2. I can’t believe someone forgot to renew the liquor license for your brothers bar, and put him into all these problems. Hopefully everything is sorted out really soon.

    And how was your birthday party?

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