Monday morning haze

The weekend rocked. One of the best I have had in ages. Mary was up and it was so cool to spend some time with her. She partied so hard she made me proud.

It was a large weekend. Most of the time usually put aside for sleeping was spent dancing. The two parties that I managed to orchestrate into one were a raging success. Needless to say, the ship didn’t spend much time in the harbour!

In an attempt to show Shaun that partying hard shouldn’t affect the way you carry out your responsibilities; although I didn’t get home until 5pm Sunday, I still got up and went to boxing this morning. There were a few moments there where I wondered why I didn’t just sleep in my car for an hour and pretend that I went, but that would be double standards.

I suspect things may go downhill slightly as the day wears on. The fact that I forgot to bring a bra to work and am now wearing my completely soaking gym bra under my work clothes was a bit of a sign. I then spent 5 minutes emptying both my hand bag and my gym bag on the floor of the cafeteria looking for my swipe card so I could get out, until someone pointed out that I was wearing it around my neck.

Hmmmm… I can’t see much serious programming happening today.

C’est la vie. I’ll make up for it tomorrow. Life is all about balance!!

[Afternoon update on the bra situation: It has dried into a single solid entity and glued itself to my body. I have had to douse myself in perfume in order to disguise the smell, which is drawing some strange looks from people. Luckily it is almost home time.]


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