Extreme Boxing Hawk

I do tend to be one of those people that craps on and on about something when they are excited about it. I get obsessed. Hence, I am going to talk about boxing again.

WordPress has this feature that shows you what search terms people used to get to your blog. The majority of searches that result in this site are for the term ‘vibra-train’. Yesterday though, someone searched for ‘extreme boxing hawk’. What on earth were they expecting to find? I’m pretty proud that they found me. I’ve decided to make Shaun call me Extreme Boxing Hawk now. It can be my fighting name.

So last night I had a one on one session with my trainer. I teased him and said that while he was away before the K-1, another guy took his Friday morning class and it was heaps harder. Well, that was about the stupidest mistake I could have made.

This morning he KILLED us. After working my abs into oblivion last night, I could hardly move this morning anyway. We were then subjected to an hour of tricep pressups balanced on a swiss ball, interspersed with non-stop 2 minute speed punching rounds.

Not only was it murder, but every time someone looked like they were going to throw up or faint, he said “You can thank Sarah for this”.


One thought on “Extreme Boxing Hawk

  1. oh MAN. haha.. That’s quite a work-out woman! But I know how much you love it in the end. Crazy. I wish I had the time to do something more intense with my workout. I would love to get into martial arts. But with Tyler being so little I’m stuck with my at-home workout videos and the lame gym here at my apartment complex. 😦
    haha.. I’ve been doing some Tae Bo and that’s honestly been kicking my ass a lot. As lame as it is.
    Have a good weekend.. Hope you can move. 😛

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