The goose is cooked.

Last night I had a pretty broken sleep. For some reason, the alarm on one of our cars kept going off randomly through the night. It went at 2am, 4am and 5:10am. There was no one in the yard and no apparent reason for it to have been triggered.

The car is a BMW. I don’t know if it’s the same with all BMers, but out one has an alarm that is just the world’s loudest repetitive beep. It doesn’t even sound like a car alarm. Doesn’t seem like the most sensible idea for an alarm.

Anyway, every time it went off last night, I somehow incorporated it into my dream as a microwave. The first time I heard it, I dreamed that I was getting a roast chicken out. Weird – I’ve never even seen anyone roast a chicken in a microwave – I don’t think you can.

The second time I was shouting at Shaun (in my dream) to go and get the dinner out of the microwave.

The third time was weird. I thought the microwave was faulty because it wouldn’t stop beeping, so I was going to take it to the shop. I was annoyed though because I had to walk there – the car had been stolen.

Don’t brains work in crazy ways?


5 thoughts on “The goose is cooked.

  1. Awesome Hawk. you and your life looks as very intersting and active. I think i will read this blog in future, it looks very nice.
    have a nice day pretty girl :o)
    BTW: You must be very lucky on New Zeland, you can do zorb. Here is this sport impossible. New Zeland does not selling licence cheap :-/

  2. I came to this site from your comment to my post on sitepoint on SEO 101. My best friend Pinpin is now at New Zealand for her honeymoon. NZ is a mysterious spot for me, and Australia!

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