Thanks for the things I take for granted.

I remember when I was a teenager and I used to wish that I had perfect skin. I always thought that I would rather be overweight than have bad skin, because at least I could do something about it (theoretically). To have spots was frustrating and at times it affected my confidence.

To be fair, it could have been worse. I didn’t have acne or anything, but still, I always had pimples and there were days when it was downright crappy. It was frustrating.

I was in the bathroom in the gym this morning and I noticed my skin. It’s flawless. I can run my hands over it and it is absolutely perfect. It’s been like that for a few years now (admittedly I did take medication for a few months a while back to get it that way) and I don’t think I’ve ever stopped to be grateful for it. This morning when I noticed it, I remembered how I used to feel and it made me wonder what other things have passed me by without me stopping to appreciate them.

It’s easy to take things for granted. They seem like such small things now, but there was a time when they rocked my world.


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