Thank God for the ‘flu

This morning turned into a bit of a rigmarole. It is my first day back at work after a couple of days at home sick. I thought I might head to the gym and sit on a bike for half an hour, rather than do a normal workout. Otherwise I thought I'd have trouble waking up. I got into the car and went to start it but absolutely nothing happened. I figured perhaps there was something wrong with my immobiliser. I have one of those ones where the beeper has to be within a certain distance of the ignition or it won't start. I went inside to get the spare one, but still nothing.

Then I realised that the internal light wasn't fading off like it usually does when the door is shut. Probably because I turned it on last night to check the odometer reading and never turned it off. Damn it.

Usually Shaun would still be in bed for another hour so we could swap cars, but as fate would have it, today he had a 6:30am sales meeting so was in the shower. I don't have an AA membership but he does. He asked me in the weekend if I wanted one, but I told him not to bother because I'd never use it. Typical.

We decided to push the car out onto the street and crash start it. Unfortunately it was halfway down our long, sloped driveway. After a huge amount of effort, we managed to push it out to the curb, where it got stuck. It weighs an absolute tonne, and I am only running on half strength due to being sick. We spent 15 minutes trying to bounce it out of the curb onto the road, but each time we got it there a car would come and we'd have to push it back. This happened 4 times – you'd think one of the cars would have stopped to help. One guy even commented "Bummer guys" as he drove past. Bastard.

We realised that it just wasn't going to happen so we left it on the curb and I called AA and did my best (which was pretty crap to be honest) at sweet talking them into coming out even though Shaun wasn't going to be there. They decided to do a one off call out since he has been a member for 15 years. Nice of them. They said they would be there within the hour.

I knew that once they got there I would have to leave straight away to recharge the battery so I stayed in my gym gear. After an hour of doing nothing they called back to say that a guy would be leaving in 10 minutes. I figured I'd quickly jump in the shower so that I wasn't really late for work. Of course, the second I did, he arrived.

The upshot of the story is that our combined lack of strength has saved us $25,000. I was telling this story to the AA guy (who just wanted to talk about the pros and cons of 2.5 litre Imprezas) who told me that you should never crash start Subarus. Apparently it would have "blown the 4WD unit out of the bonnet".

I think it is the one and only time I am going to be grateful for being sick.


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