Social illnesses

I have a compromised immune system as a result of the medication that I take. I know that but I choose to ignore it. It means that I get sick (either a cold or the flu) 3 or 4 times each winter. If I look after myself I can minimise the damage, but it's tricky because I tend to go back to the gym earlier than I should.

There is a pattern to my getting sick. Every time I go out and have a huge party weekend, I get sick the following week. Everyone knows it. I have a friend that wonders what party she has missed out on if I'm not at work.

I haven't really been out and had a huge weekend for ages. I had decided that for the sake of responsibility (and the fact that I've sort of grown out of it) that it was time to slow down and get healthy. But occasionally it has to be done, so the weekend just gone I did. And now I'm sick. I feel like I have been hit by a truck. I don't really have a sore throat or anything, but every muscle in my body aches and I am sleeping more than I am awake. It's not too bad – at least I get to stay home in front of the fire. I always have this guilt when I am not at work though. Probably because I know this illness is partly my own doing.

I tell you what though – the weekend was worth it!


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