It’s routine

I try and fit as much as I can into my life because I just don't know when it will come to an end. I love it, but it can be kind of hard to maintain at times. I have learned to offset it (in order to feel that I have some control) by having routines wherever I can. I am not someone that you can call at 7pm on a Wednesday because you know I'll be home, but I am someone that you could find at the gym any morning of the week.

Which brings me to my point. On Mondays I go to boxing, Tuesdays and Thursdays are BodyStep, on Wednesdays I go to BodyPump and on Fridays I go to Vibra-Train. I like this routine – it means that I get an all round workout with variety, and my body gets to rest between weight bearing sessions.

A month ago, the Thursday morning step instructor left to go overseas. I liked him – his classes were fun. He has been replaced by a really irritating girl that just kind of gets on my nerves. It's a small change, but an annoying one. It made me start to think about changing my routine a bit more in order to avoid her. I thought about perhaps taking another class. I really like the Vibra-Train guy that works on Fridays – I have been working out with him for ages and he knows how to push me, so I didn't want to swap my days around.

Last night it occurred to me that perhaps he works on Thursdays as well. This morning I thought I'd drive past the studio to see if he does. When I got there, it was closed and there was a sign on the door saying that it shut down yesterday and that I need to move to the city studio. Damn!

Now I figure that if the nice Vibra-Train guy isn't there any more, I might as well switch to Thursdays and do boxing on a Friday as well as a Monday. I like the Friday boxing guy as well.

Hmmmm… it's just occurred to me that perhaps this whole routine is based around the crushes I have on my instructors.

Oh well, whatever motivates…


3 thoughts on “It’s routine

  1. Complacency is as bad as laziness Vinnie.
    Get your butt onto something else for a change.
    You’ll find muscles you didn’t know you had…

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